Talks & Papers

Integrating Selves and Systems through Ritual

At RSD9 in October 2020, with Arvind Venkatarami

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On ritual design as a tool for change-making.

Ritual is a lost technology of being. We propose that co-designed rituals are a way for people to consciously identify and navigate their relationships to the systems they are embedded in, and to construct or reshape selves to seek well-being. We propose that an approach to ritual design is a promising avenue to engage in the production of systems.

The COVID-19 pandemic has laid bare the tensions and inequities in our global economic and social systems. It is becoming increasingly clear to a large portion of humanity that some change is desperately needed. While political action can mitigate some of these impacts, deep systemic change will unavoidably require changes to how we see ourselves as citizens and agents.

How UX Research Hit It Big in Las Vegas

At EnterpriseX 2019, with Melissa Schmidt

On corporate design research done in community.

Directly experiencing research with customers has a powerful focusing effect on teams and decision-making. This case study describes how we created a massively scaled customer research program at Autodesk, in coordination with our large user conference, Autodesk University in Las Vegas, and how we then synthesized and shared the customer insights back with our employees. This program has helped cross-functional teams make better product decisions, deepen customer empathy, and break down silos. We’ll share lessons learned and the keys to success of this program that invites anyone in the company to conduct customer research.

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